Thursday, December 19, 2013

Find me on Facebook!

I have decided to add Facebook to my tech sites !   I hope I built it right ! lol  I can sew a mean seam but computers....well I hope for the best.   On Facebook search for me under Lone Oak Primitives.   I will post one of a kinds, specials, and whats happening.

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  1. Hi Michelle! I just got through with my Country Sampler issue that you were in so I had to come over here and meet you. I need to tell you that your home is one of my most favorites that I've ever come across, it is absolutely beautiful!! While I will never have the grand home that you have, you have truly inspired me to get back to making it a place I love. I've gotten away from blogging, crafting, and working (playing) in my home this past year. I do believe that is now time to get back to what I LOVE! Thank you for the inspiration, sharing your beautiful home with us, and your blog that I'm looking forward to following. =]

    Have a delightful week~