Friday, February 24, 2012

All finished!!   But wow did this one take a toll on my eyes.  The wording is done thru one hole of osnaburg.   The stitchery is about 8"x8" unframed. 
But I have not taken a break - Im already stitching on my next sampler.  Ill share photos once Im  bit further along.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My house

 I thought since a lot of you have seen my home decorated for Christmas on the blog by my yellow farmhouse, Id show you how it looks during the "off season."    Above is my kitchen looking from the hearthroom.  I just love my painted red cabinets.   We built just about everything in our home - cabinets included.  Actually the house itself, we drew the prints and pounded the nails.
 This is the kitchens "working" area.
 This is the foyer,  this is where the large 15-16 foot Christmas tree goes.
 Heres what you see when you enter the front door, its the cozy hearth room.  Plus I see my little doggies toy made it in the photo.  She was following me around when I was taking pictures carrying her little "bobo".
 The living room, the big screen tv is behind the green doors.
 The sitting room - no one ever uses this room.  Kinda sad.
 Dining room
 Dining room
 Laundry Room, back door and garage entrance.
 Master bedroom.
 One of the kids old rooms that is now a guest bed.
 Another of the kids old room that I  "primified" after they moved out.
 I just love this beds coverings!
My harvest guest bedroom.  As you can see I had 3 boys living here but all have there own homes now but the youngest who is almost 18 and wanted his room in the basement a few years ago - crazy kid. lol 

Well I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my home!