Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hubby has done it again - his new creations!

Here is a bit of work my hubby has done for a house being built up in the lakes.   This is a "barn door" that slides on a track. Look at that floor - it is a reclaimed wood floor that has been stenciled.
This is the kitchen island (hardware not on yet)  It is huge!
It has metal details.  All built using old reclaimed wood.

Copper sink
The top is made up of 3 very wide boards.  Beautiful !!

Just had to share!  This house is amazing the unique details are great!  Old minnow buckets for vanity lights, great stenciled floor, nooks and crannies.  Wonderful.

Little of this Little of that...

 Ill start this blog with a wee bit of garden color...   I got this SUPER cool - ok super cool to us old grubby collectors - to others it would be old junk.   Any how I got my super cool fence on craigs list for $50 - all 6 sections!  What a find!  Im sure the lady was thinking they are going to PAY me for this!  (she was getting a new fence - silly woman! She had a treasure already!) 
Plus the REAL reason I needed to fence in my gardens that are already in a fenced in yard - well you see, my son and his fiance bought a puppy - then the relationship ended and guess who "puppy sits" when my son is working in the oil fields - yep we do.  So since this puppy LOVES to eat and carry around any flower that is yellow (he runs around the yard with them in his mouth like hes dancing the tango!) - I dont know the reason behind the yellow color fetish he has but those are the only flowers he likes.  So to protect my gardens I had fence them in.  He is a german shorthair pup and has tons of energy and very naughty - good think he is so stinking cute!  I have my "grand puppy" for 2 weeks then my son comes home for a week and takes him to his house (which he bought the house right behind us - very handy! We share the back property line).  SO now the pup can run and be happy, plus my sunflowers and black eyed susans can live a long and healthy life. 
 This is looking at the screen porch that we let "age" gracefully - as I am doing myself.
 My little doggie had to get in the picture.  Of course the pickets are a little crooked but hey arent we all!
 The sections I bought had a tall area that tapered down to the shorter size - I made it work!  Love the unique look!
 This is looking out the back kitchen door - what a beautiful view.  I wish my flowers grew a bit better this year.  But the flooding rains and then the long stretch of hot temps with no rain really took there toll.  It was a all or nothing summer.   I am still happy with the look.
 This is the front walk - all nice and weeded.  Having my sons graduation party in a 2 weeks so I have been weeding and pruning like mad!  He is our youngest so I figure this might be the last shing ding that the extended family will be at - gotta look good.
 This is a plant called Japanese knot weed - it is so beautiful!  It is getting ready to bloom - it has lacy white flowers!
 AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!!   I just picked this up at a local greenhouse.  It is a mini rose!  Although nothing mini about this!  I had to come home and get the truck - there was no way I could get this into my cross over car!  Simply breathtaking!  And it was on sale for $25!!!
 My front door urns - usually by now they are trailing almost to the steps, not this year.  Poor babies.
 Ok you remember my new experiment - straw bale gardening.  Well not alot of success.  These are my gourds - the rate they are growing Id have gourds by oh say 2015!  But Im not sure if its the poor growing year or the dislike of the bales.
 Now these are the pumpkins - they didnt mind the bales.  Its funny I park the 4 wheeler on the other side of the fence - and the vines will grow around the grill bumper overnight!  So before a ride I have to dismantle the pumpkins! 
 And now to the sitting rooms new paint color (aka old dining room)  I love it.  Still searching for the "just right" fabric so I can sew up the curtains. 

 And more of the little stitchery I am crazy enough to do.  The one below I just completed.  Fun fun!  Already working on another and have 2 patterns waiting in the wings.  Gotta be ready and have another pattern ready before the current one is finished!  Instead of a chain smoker - I am a chain stitcher! 
So there ya go a little of this an little of that....