Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday House Tour

Well it has came n gone - another wonderful holiday house tour.  I love letting people walk thru my home and enjoy the creations I have created!
I will share these many photos of the tour.  All these pictures were taken by my very talented son Brent!
 Abby cat enjoying the wooden bowl - squishing the dolls that are nestled inside
 Front door - fresh falling snow
 Cold windy and snowy
 window boxes
 the sitting room
 faux fireplace in the sitting room
 sitting room tree
 kitchen table
 pineapple carved by my talented hubby
 looking from the front door to the hearthroom
 Foyer tree - all 16 feet of it!
 Looking down from the upstairs landing

 dining room
 dining room from the kitchen
 dining room
 looking into the kitchen from the dining room
 new family room
 family room
 sitting area in the family room

 family room tree
 front hall

 guest room

 cabin bed room

 pumpkin bedroom

Master bedroom
 stitchery I made
 up stairs hall

 up stairs hall

Thank you for visiting my virtual tour.  Check back to see what I am getting into next!  One never knows - usually I dont either!