Sunday, January 27, 2013

oh boy! What a ride it has been this winter!

Well I dont even know where to start.  I guess I should by saying that Im sorry for being away from the blog for so long.  But let me tell you I have not been sitting around eating bon bons. 
First I had the Holiday Open House as noted on the last blog.  Well then the next weekend I hosted Randy's companies Christmas party.  Then it was Christmas!   So usually I take down all my holiday decor Christmas Day or for sure the next day.  BUT this year I had to keep it up until January 9th - which let me tell you was very difficult.  But it was for a very good reason.  Drum roll please....   Well I had to keep it up for the Country Sampler magazine to come to the house to do a photo shoot!  Yep my house will be in the magazine - Christmas 2013 or 2014 or it could be in the house special issue.  I wont know til later this summer.  But its very exciting.  The photographers drove all the way from VA.  The weather was calm in the 30's so they didnt get to feel the "true Minnesota winter"  However, two weeks later it was -40 below.  That may have had them running back East mighty quick. 
On another exciting note - I may - not 100% yet, but I may be moving my gift shop up to the little tourist town Nisswa.  It is a wonderful summer shopping place.  This I will be finding out about tomorrow.  SO nervous about it - I want it but yet it terrifies me too.
Ok enough talking your ears off.  Here is a preview of another house that Country Sampler photographed.  These pictures were taken by my son not the magazine.  You also saw is sneak peak on a previous blog because we built the kitchen and fireplace surround.
My friend Vickies living room above and below

 the master bedroom above
 dining room

 looking up stairs
out side view.  Look like some other house?  Yep we have similar houses - great minds...  I built mine in 2003 and this was built last year. 

Another peek into a friends home - this is my friend Connies home

 up stairs family room
 master bedroom
 oh my what a "ham" pup
 front of house
 living room

Well there you have it - all my exciting news and pictures of my 2 friends houses!!