Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Open House

The Holiday Open House for 2015 is sneaking up on me.   Join us for a tour of my home with 17 (I believe the count is now) Christmas trees.   Also take a sneak peek of the new shop that will be opening in the Spring.  
I will post details tomorrow.  But save the date Friday Dec 4 6-8pm an Sat Dec 5 12-3.

Store is coming along

Ill start with the beginning - we found a ad on craiglist for some windows and wood floor for sale.   Seeing the floor still inside a structure, we called to ask what was happening to the building.  It was to be bulldozed.  We bought it all here it sat in the woods...waiting
so after cutting it in 6 pieces we pulled it out of the woods, down a narrow trail, and onto to trailer.  Then we had the task of putting it back together again
Here are photos of the process.  Enjoy the journey.

and was finished


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Got home and took a bit of a breather!  It has been run run run before the wholesale show in PA and now all the stuff that didnt get done needs to be addressed!   We are putting the new shop up - not fast enough for me but there is a process, and it is not wiggling your nose and its up.
We had a very good show out in PA, very happy about that!
This was early in the show
and then after 8 hours
Heres is some clips of the furniture we had at the show

Sunday, June 7, 2015


We went to look at a old house that the owner wanted taken down.  We thought we would see if there is anything to salvage out of it.   WELL we went down this trail of a road over grown with grasses, to the old house site which was equally over grown.  The owner said the house was open just go in.  What he didnt tell us was how spooky it was!   It was full of household junk and then I walked into the living room and saw this!
After jumping a foot I noticed I was standing on a trap door to the root cellar (right out of a horror movie I know) and notice the game next to the doll? Sorry???  I swear I did not stage that.   But someone has a warped sense of humor!   I bet that keeps the kids from using the house as a party house.  lol  I just went out to the car after that, no more looking around - I didnt want to come accross a skin lamp shade or something!

Finds of last summer

I hit up some local auctions last summer,  even though it is late I thought I would share some.   I have not hit to many acutions this summer YET.   I plan to when I get home from PA.
This is a old play pen - I said I bought it for the grand babies...  the moms were not having it.   lol  Even though it worked back in the day I dont think I would put babies in it now.

Mix of chairs and ladders

 great school stamp kit.  Almost all there!

 Old sled

 Collection of dresses

Tool bench turned into my foyer table

 Mix of smalls 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

New creations heading to market

Well I have been busy sewing for market out here in PA.   Here are a few of the new dolls!

They are very large and look amazing