Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Got home and took a bit of a breather!  It has been run run run before the wholesale show in PA and now all the stuff that didnt get done needs to be addressed!   We are putting the new shop up - not fast enough for me but there is a process, and it is not wiggling your nose and its up.
We had a very good show out in PA, very happy about that!
This was early in the show
and then after 8 hours
Heres is some clips of the furniture we had at the show


  1. Hi Michelle: I found a gorgeous picture of your Christmas dining room on Pinterest and tracked you to your last post. I was looking for color schemes for my DR and might take some liberties with yours. I have joined up to follow you but was looking for a way to follow by e-mail so that I can get your posts in my inbox when you put one out. I am looking forward to see what you are doing. You seem like a very busy lady. I'd love for you to visit my Cottage. It is a Victorian but I am dying to add some primitives touches to it..Happy Thursday..Judy