Thursday, June 4, 2015

New shop!

I turned our shop into a 2 bedroom apt for my youngest son, his gf, and their new baby girl so I was on the hunt for a replacement.  After looking at some options I decided I liked having it on the property so I could keep sewing and still be at the shop.   So while looking on Craiglist I saw a guy selling cool old windows and 12" wide plank wood floors.   In the background I could see the floors were in a cabin.   We called and asked what his plans were for the old cabin and he said bulldozer!   Oh no we can not have that!   So I asked if I bought the windows and the floor would he throw in the cabin?   Well we settled on $500 for it all windows, floors, cabin even the critters that may be living inside!    Randy took it down in sections and hauled it home,  of course we HAD to get a early snow so it sat all winter in the back yard waiting to be rebuilt.   It is 16x26 and will have a front porch running across the front when rebuilt - which will happen as soon as we get home from this market trip to PA.   I am leaving the chippy paint and inside will be lined with old boards, some painted some not.   I also bought a gas fireplce from our local habitat for humanity for $75 to heat it!   So far this is a great buy!   We placed the foundation next to the pond in the backyard so it will look so cute!   I  am putting a rusty tin roof on the whole thing.  Heres some pictures of it buried in the woods before we took it apart.  Been there since the 40-50's  the property used to be a resort.

It will be so amazing re done!

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  1. What an AMAZING find!. Cant wait to see its progress.