Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To market To market...

Been busy with sewing and getting stuff ready for market in Springfield Ohio that we sold at on Oct 19.   What a difference in weather - we had temps in the teens and all the leaves had already fallen from the trees here.  Got to Ohio and it was 85 and trees still were holding onto their leaves and just starting to turn color.   I thought I would share a pic of our booth all set up!
Now it is time to get stuff in my little shop for the Holiday Open House.  SO I have been sewing all day like usual.   I made stuff for the shop but decided to bring it to market and sold it all.  So now its remaking the ornaments and dolls!   Here is a look at a few items I have made.
 The Raggedy Ann's all sold out, not sure if Ill get a batch made before the open house! 
 These Santa head ornaments are great!  They have alpaca beards.   This is a remade batch since all sold in Ohio.
 These were gone instantly at market!  Should have made many many more!   Im currently making 11 more for the shop - they are in pieces as we speak on the sewing room table waiting for stuffing.
 These were also gone quick at market so here is a new batch!
And these gals are just so amazing!   I love their faces!

So that's what I have been doing.   I have my pile of stuffing bought to get me thru the winter sewing for Feb market in PA.   Picked up 320 pounds of stuffing in WI on my way home from Ohio.  I look at that picture and my hands start to hurt.  Its hard on the fingers and shoulders stuffing dolls- but I have a deep tissue massage scheduled for Monday!   Thank Goodness!
Well I best get back to stuffing snowmen!