Sunday, August 20, 2017

House is on the market!

well time to close this chapter.  Put the house up for sale.  Ready to downsize, with the kids all grown we don't need so much space.
Enjoy a walk thru.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Website updated!

Check out the website - all updated!

Another trip to PA

Well another show in the books.  Had a nice trip out to PA to the wholesale gift market show.  We made it there and back to MN with no weather issues.  However it sure hit out there a few days later!  Here is a look at the booth this year.
We kept this trip simple - did not venture out of the show area.  We save that for the June show when its summer and warm!
Here are a few snap shots of the process of making stock!
 Body parts waiting to get assembled.
 All lined up in the basement waiting to get put in the trailer
 Rabbits anyone?   These guys were a hit!
And how could they not be they are so fun!  Almost 36" tall - great statement piece!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

So what do you do during a blizzard???

So knowing the blizzard was do to arrive we made a game plan on what to "redo"  Now keep in mind this is our usual "MO".  Wait until 3 weeks before the open house and do something major. 
This is the before - nice but just a regular sheet rocked ceiling.  And yes working around the Christmas tree and all the decorations!
The during

Now this next one is a no no,  he is on the "this is not a step step"  lol   I hate heights, so my knees get shaky just looking at this picture. Considering that is a 12 foot ladder!
The final result

Just love the look!  The old rusty tin fits the walls.   Talk about a warm and cozy room.  I enjoy the fireplace and warmth the room itself puts out.   But maybe just maybe we will try to do something to the house when we are not under such time limits!  Or not...

Let it snow.... then let it melt!

It was a crazy storm we had Nov 18.  The news kept calling for it to start over night, well I woke up to rain hitting the windows.  Keep in mind we live in Minnesota - so rain in November usually means ice.   Not the case this time, it was warm enough to have actual rain.... to start with.   This was the morning view.
Then about a hour later things are starting to pick up a bit.   We had 40-50 mph winds with this storm so schools closed, clinics and stores closed early.   But as I was starting the day I thought " this is not what they were calling for, guess the news got it wrong".  Well time would tell..  This was less than a hour later at about 9:30
Then we went into Blizzard warning mode and by noon this was looking out my sewing room window.
However, it was over by Saturday morning leaving 14" of new snow.  It was quite pretty and life went back to normal with driving thru the 14" with ruts of ice underneath from the rain that froze when the temps dropped.  And let me tell you the roads were so rough I thought I would damage my car. 
But it was strangely not to last.  Temps warmed up again ( which is kinda odd to lose that much snow late in November)
SO this is the view now.  Muddy dirty snow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To market To market...

Been busy with sewing and getting stuff ready for market in Springfield Ohio that we sold at on Oct 19.   What a difference in weather - we had temps in the teens and all the leaves had already fallen from the trees here.  Got to Ohio and it was 85 and trees still were holding onto their leaves and just starting to turn color.   I thought I would share a pic of our booth all set up!
Now it is time to get stuff in my little shop for the Holiday Open House.  SO I have been sewing all day like usual.   I made stuff for the shop but decided to bring it to market and sold it all.  So now its remaking the ornaments and dolls!   Here is a look at a few items I have made.
 The Raggedy Ann's all sold out, not sure if Ill get a batch made before the open house! 
 These Santa head ornaments are great!  They have alpaca beards.   This is a remade batch since all sold in Ohio.
 These were gone instantly at market!  Should have made many many more!   Im currently making 11 more for the shop - they are in pieces as we speak on the sewing room table waiting for stuffing.
 These were also gone quick at market so here is a new batch!
And these gals are just so amazing!   I love their faces!

So that's what I have been doing.   I have my pile of stuffing bought to get me thru the winter sewing for Feb market in PA.   Picked up 320 pounds of stuffing in WI on my way home from Ohio.  I look at that picture and my hands start to hurt.  Its hard on the fingers and shoulders stuffing dolls- but I have a deep tissue massage scheduled for Monday!   Thank Goodness!
Well I best get back to stuffing snowmen! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Make Do fountain

The gardens are starting to tire out with the signs of Fall arriving.  We had our first frost advisory of the season last night.  It was in the 30's and a bit chilly in the house this morning since I refuse to shut the bedroom windows quite yet.  So as I watch the season change I still like to "update" the gardens.  I say update very loosely since in most cases the updates involve old items.   Anyway, I had a more current fountain in my garden that started to leak this summer.  Sure did take me a while to figure out where all my water went over night.  Id fill it up every morning and it was empty by the next.  There was no visible signs of a leak anywhere, but after another storm the crack finally showed itself.  The water was leaking back inside the fountain.
SO I had this old shower head for the last 5-6 years just waiting to be a fountain.  I needed a wash tub stand, and as luck would have it I found one at a auction this last weekend.  Ive seen them over the years plenty but kinda forgot about my old shower head!
I love the result - the sound is beautiful and it is right outside my sewing room window.   I need more plants now around it since my old fountain had a bigger base and took more ground.
And I must say this is so great!!!!
Time to go stuff more dolls,  a lot more dolls....