Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Yes we have a fun neighborhood

Each year we have a neighborhood party.  Now we live in the country and each person has a min of 2 1/2 acres of land, so we are close by but have space.   In August we get together for a pot luck supper and our 1 neighbor is a licensed fireworks blower upper (aka pyrotechnician) and boy does he put on a show for us!  Plus this year he had a B25 military plane do a few fly overs, I had no idea you could hire out to do that.  Now I should explain we are a smallish town - like 12,000 people ( huge to me since I grew up in a town of 295 people) but our neighborhood has maybe 25 homes.  But I must say these fireworks have become a draw and there are now a several hundred people coming to watch.  He has to notify people within a mile so they know whats about to happen.

Last minute of a 25 minute show.   Notice at the end - a new fun element he is into - gas explosions.   He is extremely safety conscience so don't be alarmed,  Everything is wired and computer ran.  He is an electrician by day.    The large fireworks (not shown) are let off from in the woods behind the spectators - keeping everyone safe and sound.  

A fun country gathering for all ages.   

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sleeply Santa

I just love this guy and had so much fun making him!   He is heading to bed with his lantern to guide the way and blankie to keep him warm.   Check him and others out at

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

More new Santas

Just wanted to share a few more of the Santas I made.   These have sculpted clay faces I created.   I just love these.   Check them out at    Would love your feedback, so feel free to comment!

Monday, February 11, 2019

NEW SANTA for 2019

Alright Alright I know we just packed up Christmas BUT  I fell in love with this pattern and had to make it.  I just finished him a few hours ago and let me tell you I had fun making him.  I have many options and colors that will be available - holding bottle brush trees, lantern, boxes, sprigs, etc etc.

He has a clay face I sculpted and wired arms.  He stands appx 20" tall.  Just a great Santa, and will be a heirloom I bet!  Check him out at
So planning ahead I stopped on the way home from market and picked up the batting I need to create my dolls.  Crazy to think that 447 pounds of stuffing will only last through the summer.  These bags are about 4 1/2' tall!  My hands hurt looking at all that knowing I will be using all that.
I guess that is about it for today,  I have a chicken in the oven and made my favorite Blueberry Sourcream pie earlier.   Just need to make some spuds and supper will be tasty!  

Back from another market

Well we made it home from another trip to PA.  Had a great show and sold a lot of dolls!  Always so happy to meet people as excited about prims as I am.   We ran into weather on the way home, had to pull off in Tomah WI Thursday because the snow started falling pretty hard and it was slick.  Good thing we did because in the morning we saw many cars in the ditch just past the truck stop we pulled in at!   I hated to end the driving day at 4:30 but better than getting into a wreck.   Then Friday it was 40 mph for almost 100 miles.  I was so tense when I got home.  And I wasn't even driving!   But we made it home and I am back in the sewing room working on orders and new products.  
Here is a picture of the booth - after about 100 dolls were sold.  I was selling out of the boxes before I even got them unpacked.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Uncle Sam Lady Liberty Makedo Duo

AS you all know from prior posts I a, always a season head.  Now I am onto summer items - and expecting 4-8" of snow tonight - after the foot we just got on Thursday.   So it kinda feels nice to be making summer thing.
Here is Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty makedo.  It is a large piece appx 24" tall from base to top of Sams hat.

I must say this is a great statement piece and would be great as a focal item on a cabinet or shop window!
Check it out on my website