Thursday, February 5, 2015

Where do I start???

Well I will start with the new shop coming this Spring.   Our old shop worked perfect but our 20 year old and his girlfriend were having a baby and I wanted things to be a bit easier for them starting out so we turned the shop into a 2 bedroom apartment.  It turned out so cute - using alot of the items coming from our local Habitat for Humanity restore shop.
So with not having that shop I had to come up with a second option.   That is when I found it scrolling thru Craigslist I saw a guy selling wide plank flooring, hmmm.... and on another post old windows.   We called him asked what he was doing with the rest of the building and he said bulldozing it.  Well now  we cant have that can we?  So I asked if we buy the windows and floor can we also buy the cabin?  So at the end of Sept the guys went up and dismantled it.  Now from the pics it doesnt look like much but I have BIG plans.   It will  be placed in the back yard next to the pond, putting on a front porch and having a rusted metal roof!   And nope not painting it, going to leave it all chippy.  So want to see the beauty in its setting prior to us taking it down?  Ok feast your eyes!
Well I guess not-I am driving thru the mountains of PA heading out to a furniture show and my photos will not upload.   Hows that for a teaser.

But in other exciting  news we have 2 grand babies now!   Our grandson was born Aug 13 and our Granddaughter was just born Jan 6.  Best things is they both live close - one in the old shop in the back yard and the other on the property right behind ours!  Love it.  Again pics to follow.  Of course I have plenty.

Well since I am teasing yo with stories and no pics I will end.   Oh and will show you the great antique finds from this summers adventures of auctioning,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Im back!

What a year it has been!  Yes I said a YEAR!   Sorry I have been gone so long.... But I have a lot to say.   However, I am going to keeo you waiting yet again.  I will be traveling in a few days and it is my every intention to blog the miles away!   Stay tuned!