Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gourds!!!! .....finally

Well sad to say this was taken before the freeze - now the leaves are a bit black.  But this is the gourd patch that I grew in the straw bales.  I did get 3 nice size cannon ball gourds.  Now if they would have taken off this well in the beginning I can only imagine the success I would have had! There is only one straw bale under all that.  3 planting holes  with 4-5 seeds in each.
 Heres my first "prize"  I didnt even see it forming - then as I was walking in the yard Sat there it was like a jewel looking at me!  Its about 10" top to bottom. Thrilled would be a understatement. We have not had alot of success growing gourds so a few that make it to harvest stage are great!
 This is a apple gourd - I found 3 of these beauties!
Now comes the LONG process of drying them. But I have a great bowl of goose egg gourds from last year on my table.
Hmmm think I will try the bales again next year and maybe just maybe we wont have half the summer be over 90 and dry.  Then oh what a crop I could have! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WhAt A TreAsuRe!!!!!

 This is my new treasure I found today - nope not the cat - the settee.  I love it!!   The store keeper claims its Civil War era - but I dont know.  It is forsure old however.  neat hinges on the back so it can be made flat.  It has been painted - years ago cause the paint is worn off on the arms  - not faux worn but actual use worn.
 Heres the back with the "bed" pulled out  I need to make one cushion but thats no biggie so when it is made into a bed it needs 3 cushions.

Heres it pulled out into a bed.  I love love love it   Really fits with the house.  And the best part I think I got a great deal at $199   I have it in front of the fireplace so I can just dream of the cold winter months laying on it in front of a warm toasty fire reading a good romance book. 
Now if it really is as old as they were saying I hope no civil war soldiers so passed away on it!  Dont want to haul any old ghosts home.
Anyone out there have any clues on its age??