Thursday, February 6, 2014

New for 2014

Market time has come again so I had to design a few new wool appliqué pictures.  Here are the newest.   Check out my website for ordering information ! Enjoy !

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little miss libs

Forgot to post a picture of beautiful kitty cat -Liberty.  She is enjoying a cat nap in the seldom used guest room.  Oh the life of our cats ....  
For you non cat people ... They really do sleep 23 hours a day.  
And this link of a diary of a cat is so true!

ThAt waS theN... THiS iS nOw

First of all make sure you check in on me more often.  I finally decided to get a ipad so I could blog more.  I felt that I didn't blog much because of all the steps needed to get things done on the desktop computer.  But now I can take the pictures and blog all at once so watch out you will be hearing from me a lot more.  

This was the original family room we built in 2003.   Then in 2012 we added the logs to make it feel like a old log cabin.  The tv was in the big green cabinet. 
Of course we never leave anything alone for long we added a fireplace with a big tv above.   And what a difference this has made in the room.  This is where the green tv cabinet was in the above picture.   This room always felt cold with all the windows - not any longer !  It is a cozy warm place to enjoy a movie.    The little drawers are faux and the entire row lifts up exposing the cable box, surround sound, and Xbox.  The doors open to expose a 65" TV.   But the greatest deal of all is that we found this 42" gas fireplace at our local habitat for humanity restore for only $225.  

Here are a few photos of some little groupings I have thru out the house 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spring?? Please say you will arrive.....

These beautiful star gazers are the bright spot in this horribly cold winter.   So pretty....

And then below is our high temperature of -11 notice the windchill high of -39 and low of -49!!   It has been so cold here this winter that I think we are nuts for living in these conditions.  Lol. Everyone keeps saying "but the summers are so nice". We'll yes they are but there is only 3 months of summer and then there's Mosquitos...   I'm hoping not to freeze before I can enjoy those few months of summer!