Thursday, July 28, 2016


We also spent the day at Sturbridge Village.   It was a beautiful day and got there right when they opened to beat the school kids on their class trips.   Just about made it thru the entire village before the kids were everywhere!   If I didnt know better I would have thought we were at a amusement park.  But I remember the silliness of being a kid on a class trip - even though it was a long time ago. 

 This little house was so cute but dang tiny house living would be interesting!  But back in the day this would have been quite nice.  Now everything has to be bigger and bigger.  Im ready to downsize but not to this extreme. 

 The little kid hole in the outhouse made us laugh.  But I guess it is practical. 

 Got to have chickens - I just smile at their antics.

 The landscape is so lush.   Unlike here there are vines growing on everything!

 I love this sink!

 Look at these wide floors.  And all the years and years of use the knots are actually raised up.

If you ever get the chance to go, do so.  I enjoyed the peaceful walk thru every building and the beauty of the landscape.