Monday, July 25, 2016


Well after the PA gift market we decided to make a trip north to MA.   I will share pics of the trip later, but I had to share this little BBQ place we found in Sturbridge MA.   Before we left we were scrolling thru Pinterest on places to see.  Some how we found the top 20 BBQ places in the US and one was right where we were!  SO we had to go - ok we had to go there twice in 4 days cause it was amazing!   Just a small place with a line no matter what time we went. 
 Above is the "1 meat platter" Randy had for the lunch trip.  That brisket was the best!
 Above is the "2 meat platter" Randy had.  
Ok I know Im a bit odd to order Mac n Cheese but I tell you what is was so good - I got a side both times we went!   And that sandwich was the MINI - I thought Id just grab a mini for lunch so I would still feel like walking around, well I had to take some back to the RV!
We even ordered meat to go so we could have it during the long drive home.   It took over 24 hours to drive home from Sturbridge.  But we enjoyed the time - spent a day in Salem, a day at the Sturbridge Village and then the amazing antique show at Walker Homestead.    I was ready to come home and see the grandbabies after being gone 9 days I was so homesick for them.   My grand daughter (19 month old) still clings to me thinking I might leave again.   They live right next door so I see her a few times a day and then for her not to see me for 9 days was hard.   We would facetime though!

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