Monday, July 25, 2016

New Dolls

Well I have been busy with sewing.  I created some new dolls for the June market in PA.  They are large and so much work but fun to put the personality into each one.  Here are a few pics of the new ones.

 The Uncle Sam riding a elephant above I created for the election year.  I wanted to make something that fit the theme for the summer and I think he turned out so fun!  
 And I had to come up with a new Christmas one.  This one was such a hit at market he sold out on 15 min and I am currently making orders for him.  He is large and takes a ton of stuffing!  I figure with the 32 Im making now I will use over 50 lbs of stuffing just on the reindeer!
And MY FAVORITE!!  This witch is just amazing.  Her dress is dyed cheesecloth and with her wired cape blowing behind her just makes it great!  She also sold out quickly and have more to make for orders.

So this summer I have been so busy sewing that my poor gardens have just been left.  Makes me sad to see the weeds - I try to keep up but the days just come and go before I have a chance to blink!  We are going to do a show in October in Ohio so Im filling orders and making stock for the show.   Sadly it will be winter before I know it and I will have forgotten to enjoy summer.  

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