Monday, July 25, 2016

Flowers, Cat, and Treasures

 These beautiful flowers were in a greenhouse up north, off on a dirt road!   Her quality of plants and pricing was just amazing!   These pics were taken mid July when plants left in the greenhouses usually start looking tired.  Not these - simply amazing! 

 This great cabinet was a auction find.   It is huge - about 7' tall.   Not a nail in its construction - all wooden peg, even the curved doors.  The cat decided he had to check out the cabinet as soon as I put stuff inside.  He has become very needy since our other kitty passed away in November.  They didnt like each other but now it seems he is missing picking on her.
 And here is more of what I deal with daily.... did I say he was being needy?  I can not just sew I have to have company and inside my stuffing bag!  ( Dont worry I watch him close and have holes in the bag so he doesnt get hurt)

 Oh what you NEED this piece?  Well how about some scratches first, then I will THINK about moving.

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