Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Long Beer Run!

So when we were out East Randy likes to pick up local small brewery beers.  Well we were in Sturbridge MA and when asked at the liquor store what good local beer we should get, they said you HAVE to go to Tree house brewery.  But get there early because of the wait!  The beer is in such demand you can not get it in stores or at bars, only at the brewery.  Now that had me thinking wait?  how long is this wait?   WELL little did I know - we pull into this field AKA extra parking lot.  Now they are open W-F 5-8pm or until gone, Sat all day.  So we pulled in a hour before opening and there was 300 people in line already!   Now this place is  few miles from any town and the surrounding towns are small, so where do all these people come from?  Well the guys ahead of us in line were from 3-4 hours away!  Crazy.  So there we were standing in the 90 degree hot sun in yet another field waiting our turn to go inside and pick up our prepacked 12 pack with the 3 beers flavors available that day.  It was so hot!   Im not a beer drinker but I waited.  I kept thinking I dont even do this for a antique show - well unless its REALLY good. 

So after the hour and a half (Randy keeps saying hour but I beg to differ) this is the result.
So at the end of the day that was the longest, hottest beer run I have done!   But according to the mister is was worth it - one of the best beers hes had.

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