Sunday, August 20, 2017

House is on the market!

well time to close this chapter.  Put the house up for sale.  Ready to downsize, with the kids all grown we don't need so much space.
Enjoy a walk thru.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Website updated!

Check out the website - all updated!

Another trip to PA

Well another show in the books.  Had a nice trip out to PA to the wholesale gift market show.  We made it there and back to MN with no weather issues.  However it sure hit out there a few days later!  Here is a look at the booth this year.
We kept this trip simple - did not venture out of the show area.  We save that for the June show when its summer and warm!
Here are a few snap shots of the process of making stock!
 Body parts waiting to get assembled.
 All lined up in the basement waiting to get put in the trailer
 Rabbits anyone?   These guys were a hit!
And how could they not be they are so fun!  Almost 36" tall - great statement piece!