Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ready for another show

Getting ready for another wholesale market out in PA.  Everything is loaded in the trailer and for the first time in a long time I am done ahead of time.   I am finding I have nothing to do since I dont want to start a new batch of dolls before I leave. Plus I have my repair kit etc packed up that has some of my tools.   And honestly Im struggling to figure out what I want to make next.  You sew sew sew for a show then its hard to regroup.  Heres a video of my storage room before the packing up, missing a few items that were still be finished by it an idea of what I made since middle of October. 

In other news - have not sold the house as of yet.   Hoping in the Spring it will sell and we can start the next chapter.  When I think of packing up this house and work shop I sweat a little!  So much stuff.....   But I dont want to get rid of anything until I know where we are going.  Will not know until we find a place what I need. 

I hope this finds everyone well and healthy.   Im back to dealing with my anxiety and panic attacks.  So strange how you can go about your life then BAM they are back.   I have dealt with these for 22 years (when I had a name put to them) but I think since I was a kid I actually had them in a lesser degree.  I had 5 good years with minimal issues, then right before Christmas I went from minimal to extreme.   Now Im just doing day by day.    UGH   Hopefully they go back to where ever it is they hide out in my brain and let me get back to enjoying life.