Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is it SPrinG Yet??

Well I find myself sitting here at the computer thinking that I should be sewing and creating new wonderful items....but I keep looking out the window waiting for Spring.  It is so hard when all the seed catalogs start showing up and there is 15" of snow in the yard.  My hands itch to work the soil and see those little sprouts popping up.  But since I live in Minnesota it is thorn I must deal with.  At our old house I had a wonderful greenhouse but have not built one here... That may need to happen. 

Its been a busy new year - Had to create the new products for the 2013 market.  Check them out at   Heres a little sneak peek:

I also been tossing around the idea of opening a shop in town (I still have my shop at the house).  I found a awesome old church, but the city has shot down my grand plans - they say I need to put in a sprinkler system (even though no other shop in town has one - they are grand fathered in I guess) But that would be a $40,000-60,000 bill for the sprinkler, plus that would mean running a bigger water main into the building from the street.  Also handicap bathroom, updated furnace and electrical etc etc.  So sad cause the building right now had squatters in it and it is just going to waste.  Would this not make a sweet gift and antique shop?
As you can see - theres a bar in the corner, a piano, and icky icky mattresses on the floor.  Oh and lots of cases of beer all over the place!  Guess this church was rocking when the squatters were in there.  I think Id need a hazmat suit and very THICK rubber gloves to touch the stuff left inside. YUCK!  But oh the potential! 

Well enough daydreaming and time to get back to work.