Thursday, July 28, 2016


After market in PA we ventured Northeast to check out MA.  We spent a half day in Salem since it was only 75 miles from the RV park. It was going to be a warm day so we had to head out early.  Now I am from a small town growing up - only about 295 people, no traffic lights, no police force.  Just a small grocery store, a school (graduating class of about 27), 3 churches and a bar.   Then I moved to where I am now and its still small by most peoples standards 12,000 people but huge to me!  So when I get to places like Salem Im a fish out of water.  There are people everywhere and everything is so jammed together!   But the beauty of history was jaw dropping to me.  To have such age in houses on every street was amazing to me.  Enjoyed the day so much.  We went to House of Seven Gables and then the Old Burying Point Cemetery. 

The headstones are so beautiful.  I just loved walking around and reading the stones.

And this old tree in the cemetery with this big crack still shading the stones.  It had such a large canopy I did not know how it was able to hold itself up!
I would have liked to spend more time in Salem, but it was very warm and with out knowing what or where to go we just went back to the RV. 

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