Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hubby has done it again - his new creations!

Here is a bit of work my hubby has done for a house being built up in the lakes.   This is a "barn door" that slides on a track. Look at that floor - it is a reclaimed wood floor that has been stenciled.
This is the kitchen island (hardware not on yet)  It is huge!
It has metal details.  All built using old reclaimed wood.

Copper sink
The top is made up of 3 very wide boards.  Beautiful !!

Just had to share!  This house is amazing the unique details are great!  Old minnow buckets for vanity lights, great stenciled floor, nooks and crannies.  Wonderful.

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  1. wow! i love it and it is beautiful! great work!i could move right in! enjoy your night