Thursday, December 1, 2016

Let it snow.... then let it melt!

It was a crazy storm we had Nov 18.  The news kept calling for it to start over night, well I woke up to rain hitting the windows.  Keep in mind we live in Minnesota - so rain in November usually means ice.   Not the case this time, it was warm enough to have actual rain.... to start with.   This was the morning view.
Then about a hour later things are starting to pick up a bit.   We had 40-50 mph winds with this storm so schools closed, clinics and stores closed early.   But as I was starting the day I thought " this is not what they were calling for, guess the news got it wrong".  Well time would tell..  This was less than a hour later at about 9:30
Then we went into Blizzard warning mode and by noon this was looking out my sewing room window.
However, it was over by Saturday morning leaving 14" of new snow.  It was quite pretty and life went back to normal with driving thru the 14" with ruts of ice underneath from the rain that froze when the temps dropped.  And let me tell you the roads were so rough I thought I would damage my car. 
But it was strangely not to last.  Temps warmed up again ( which is kinda odd to lose that much snow late in November)
SO this is the view now.  Muddy dirty snow.

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