Saturday, April 21, 2012


Well I  know its been awhile since my last post - I have been recovering from having my gallbladder removed,  I totally under estimated the healing time.  I was thinking I will repaint the dining room before going back to work - nope paint is still sitting there.  But the exciting part is I can actually eat food again.  I was only eating rice chex and bread for a few months prior to surgery.  You would think I would have lost a few pounds, but no since all I could eat was high starch and sugary food.
Any how - these are a few things I DID get accomplished....   The above sampler is 8x10 (stitched area) I LOVE this one - have not framed it yet.
 This is just a little one - stitched area is 5x7
 AND this is a great old grubby high chair I found at a local junk store.  Funny thing is I found it last fall and didnt buy it (I have no idea why I didnt buy it.  I do that often much to my hubbys frustration - cause Ill talk about the item for weeks!).  Well the store closed for a few months and I thought about this chair - even had dreams about this silly chair!  Well when the shop reopened I went up and there is was buried under a box!  It was meant to be I guess...  I have a doll sitting in it and I love it.
Here is just a little grouping I put together.
Well sorry it has been so long.  :-(
Happy SPRING! 


  1. Hi Michelle - so good to see you posting again. Hubby had his gall bladder out about a year ago, so I have a small inkling of what you've been going through. love that old high hair - I found an old one that my little grandson a tally uses when he comes to our house. FUN! Your samplers are just wonderful!

  2. hey michelle. so glad you are doing well! yes sometimes recooperating takes a longer time then we think... glad you got some stitchen in and both are just beautiful, so primitive!love them and also great chair and i love your grouping... i could spend hours rearranging and playing... enjoy your day michelle and continue to heal!