Saturday, May 5, 2012

FliP FlOp

This is what happens when I can not sleep - I redo rooms in my head, create projects, and do make overs on all my friends homes.
Above is what my dining room looked like before.  And below is the new "sitting room" I made it into.  I am also painting the walls a new cream/mustard color with a red trim.  Was going to do that painting when I was home recovering from my gallbladder removal.  Nope that did not happen WAY to sore. 

 The 2 pictures below was my old sitting room. 

 Now it is my new dinning room.  I really like this lay out - how long it will stay who knows!  My hubby always says its a good thing he is not a drinker cause he never knows where the furniture will be, so he has to stay clear headed. 

I move the furniture often and love the way it makes me feel.  Im happy with my mini makeovers.
Well I hear my sewing machine calling my name!  Have a great weekend and up coming Mothers day.
Oh for you mothers out there my youngest son turned 18 two weeks ago and bought a race car for the dirt track, tonight hes racing and I stayed home for the first one - I dont think my nerves could handle the first race,  I sent dad with strict rules to let me know how it goes right away.  He raced the last few years but just Hornet class which is little 4 cylinder cars like hondas/neons etc.  Now its the big guys with more horse power.  Ok I cant talk about it anymore my blood pressure is going up - hes my youngest and I wish I could wrap him in bubble wrap and keep him safe.
Have a good one!!!


  1. Wow Michelle - I really, really like your mini-makeovers! Wish my house was arranged so I could switch the rooms out, but it just wouldn't work. Love the quilts on your walls - wonderful traditional designs and great colors too! Can't wait to see what you stitch up on your sewing machine next! Thanks for sharing all your pictures.......

  2. I love the 2 versions (the old and the new) and I would make dream to have an interior like this in my house with so beautifil quilts and primitive decorations!
    Have a nice sunday!