Sunday, May 13, 2012

another prim home

Just about finished with a custom kitchen and hearthroom.  We were hired on to build the kitchen and fireplace surround, along with vanities and of course the wonderful buttery.  Just a few knobs to put on and done!
 Above is the buttery - using old reclaimed wood. 

And can you believe this is brand new!  My hubby is sure talented!

Kitchen   Poor lady was moving in and I was snapping pics, so excuse the clutter I was eager to get pictures and didnt want to wait until all was unpacked.  Ill try to have some better pictures since I have to go back and hang all her curtains - well I have to make all her curtains first.  LOL  I need more hours in a day or more hands.  Either one ill take!


  1. Beautiful kitchen! The buttery is just drool Blessings!~Amy

  2. wow i love it all! and yes very talented man! and your a very talented decorator.. i could spend hours looking at your pictures! enjoy your day!