Thursday, September 26, 2013

And THIS is why hair color was invented!

Like the caption said - this is why I have gray hairs!  I have 3 boys - all loving to live a bit dangerous.
This is my youngest testing out the new race car he just finished.  It was not running "fast enough" yet according to him.  He said he needs a new motor over winter but Im thinking it is plenty fast - in a mothers eyes.   Hes 19 and has been racing cars since 14 but this level is with the "big guys" and hes still my baby ( he will kill me for that comment!)   But actually if he wasnt having some motor issues I was going to hop in and take it around the track my self - once I learned how to make it go and stop - stopping is a important part Id think. lol  From the looks of the inside its not just gas and go - any time the steering wheel is removable to get inside the car there has to be more to it.
Hope you enjoyed!  AND ps any locals that see this and would like to help sponsor him let me know - hes a young kid and works to pay for this but as any racing fans know it is a very spendy sport.

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