Sunday, September 22, 2013

As promised...

What a busy time!  I tell ya I am ALMOST ready to hunker down for winter - I said almost.  It has been run run with no time for all the "fun" things I thought I would get done.  But with winter comes the 40 below zero temps and the frozen everything!  So maybe I just need more time in the day.

I put together a little photo pile of some of the things that I did get done.

I have been stitching still - I just love these little samplers

And then I have been going to a few auctions - I found a cool little door Ill take a pic of - it is just odd - no idea what it was used for.  And I got a pile of blue mason jars - there are no no-neck ones but I like them just the same. And I got 66 for under $20 so I was happy.

And then there are the Santa's that need to be made this time of year - and oh my oh my do I like this one!!  I will have him on the web site for $58  He is amazing!!  I wish the photos showed how grubby they are but the flash make them look "clean cut" which they are by no means.
And finally its time for some fall in the house -  I love fall but I dont decorate much because the house has to be transformed into the "holiday" house and  I would rather not have to take down a ton of decorations only to put up a ton of Christmas.  So I stick to just a touch.
These gourds I grew and dried and added a bit of shellac to bring out a bit of color.  They are so pretty.
Well thats a little tour - time to read more real estate homework and head to bed.  See there is just not enough hours in the day cause I still have a to do list at the end of each.

OH OH OH  - I just learned that the issue of Country Sampler that I am featured in is out - for subscribers anyway.  I think on newsstands at the end of the month!  I have not seen it yet - exciting!!!


  1. Michelle, congratulations! I saw it on FB. I haven't gotten mine yet. Who did your shoot? I can't wait to read it. The page on FB is delightful. Again congrats

  2. Congratulations!!! your home is amazing!! I LOVE the kitchen and the house you have on your table to the hooked rug. I also am in love with that Goat. Did you make him???

  3. I just read your article in Country Sampler...being a fellow Minnesotan I just wanted to say I enjoyed it, love your house and your work! Congrats!
    Be blessed,

  4. Hi Michelle. I'm reading your article in Country Sampler so I just had to stop and pop over to your blog and tell you that your house is gorgeous.