Saturday, August 6, 2016

Yet another storm...

We have been hit here again with such bad weather.  I thank the Lord that we have not had this damage at our house, but this is all within 5 miles.   The winds came up so strong, I sat straight up in bed at 3:30 am.   I am ok with storms but winds scare me horribly!   About 10 years ago we had 90 mph straight line winds come down our road.  We lost 5 trees - one on the top of my sons car, making it into a instant taco shape.  I ran down to wake him up to get his sound equipment out and he thought I was playing a joke on him.  I asked him - Have I ever woke you up at 5 am to tell you there is a tree IN your car?  He jumped up right quick and went to save anything he could.  Car was totaled of course. The neighbors lost 23 trees on one side of us and the other over 30. It was a mess!   But the storms in the area last Thursday hit on the same path of a destructive storm just last year.  There was horrible damage July 2015 and yet again Thursday.  The country fair happened to be going on and the grounds were hit.  Thankfully a great group of volunteers were able to get the trees off buildings and patch together the tents so the fair could open just a few hours later than scheduled.

 We also have a amusement park here - Paul Bunyan Land, with Babe the Blue Ox.  Poor old babe could not handle with wind poor guy has a crack in his side and a bent horn.
They were able to get a hoist and put him upright - just looking a bit rough.

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