Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Great friends and fireworks!

Every year our neighborhood gets together for a potluck picnic fireworks!   Our neighbor George celebrates his birthday that weekend and he also has a pyrotechnic license.  He loves putting on one heck of a show for the neighbors.    We have maybe 25 houses in a mile radius at the most so its a small area each with a min of 2 1/2 acre lots.  But we all bring friends and family to watch this show!   Now keep in mind there are less than 100 people that are invited (that includes the non neighbors that attend) and we all bring our lawn chairs, sit in the front yard and watch this - so much fun living out in the country!   The video is the last 34 secs of a show that lasts 20-30 min.   This is his grande finale - not bad for a fireworks display in his front yard!  He does  AMAZING job!  He is licensed and gets all the required permits.   The video is from last year but get to enjoy the get together again in 2 weeks!

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