Monday, February 11, 2019

NEW SANTA for 2019

Alright Alright I know we just packed up Christmas BUT  I fell in love with this pattern and had to make it.  I just finished him a few hours ago and let me tell you I had fun making him.  I have many options and colors that will be available - holding bottle brush trees, lantern, boxes, sprigs, etc etc.

He has a clay face I sculpted and wired arms.  He stands appx 20" tall.  Just a great Santa, and will be a heirloom I bet!  Check him out at
So planning ahead I stopped on the way home from market and picked up the batting I need to create my dolls.  Crazy to think that 447 pounds of stuffing will only last through the summer.  These bags are about 4 1/2' tall!  My hands hurt looking at all that knowing I will be using all that.
I guess that is about it for today,  I have a chicken in the oven and made my favorite Blueberry Sourcream pie earlier.   Just need to make some spuds and supper will be tasty!  

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