Friday, January 27, 2012

Rug Hook

Well as promised I have posted some of my creations.  I enjoy rug hooking - its what I do in my limited free time, when I am not creating items for others.  This and the little samplers are my "me time" fun.  I hand dye my own wool and draw alot of the patterns myself.  I have purchased some patterns too.

 The one above is quite large 4 feet across I believe. 

I just love the one above - so simple.

This one is in my foyer is is 4 feet by 8 feet.  My largest one yet!  It took about 6 months of working on it alot.  I had to stand on my stair landing to get a picture.  
I just enjoy the warmth these rugs bring in both decor and actual comfort.   Its so gratifying to have made these and know they are functional and will be here for years and years!  People come over and can not believe we walk on them - I am like walk all you like - it just adds patina!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of rugs. 


  1. Beautiful Rugs! Can't pick a favorite as they are all wonderful! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. These are beautiful! Where do you get the wool you use to dye? I've been searching.

  3. Wow Michelle - Some of your rugs are really quite LARGE! And they add SO much to the overall feel of your home (I'm sure) - thank you for the beautiful photos!

  4. welcome to blog world! i saw your name on yellow farmhouse, i met her at a quilt show in fargo after following her blog for awhile. we both live in minnesota. i just started a blog it. love all your hooked rugs and am excited to follow your blog!