Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Green thumb

This summer has been hot and humid just the right amount of rain.   I have tomatoes that are pulling down there cages from the weight of the plants - I have to stake the cages up!   I thought I would share the pics from May 15 to June 15.
 These 2 are in May when I cleaned up the gardens from there winter sleep.

 These 2 are from June.  And now they are even twice as full and blooms abounding.  The house looks pink in this picture - I don't know why.  It really is red. lol

Below is a faux bamboo.  I believe it is called Japanese knot weed.  It is huge!  Covering my screen porch giving it a nice little oasis inside.  It regrows each year and in the fall has beautiful white delicate flowers.  But it creeps so don't want to plant it where it can spread - it will take over everything!
 And the bittersweet!  I have plants all along a fence line and they are just hanging with berries.   I usually don't harvest it because it is so pretty on the vine.  But this year I may just for the abundance!  This is one of the runners not even a main part of the plant.   I don't recall ever having so many berries.  Going to be beautiful!
I have gardens all over the yard and they are just beautiful this year!   So nice to have a year like this that things are happy - well except the hanging baskets, those kinda pooped out already in the heat, just couldn't keep enough water in them.  

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